Work with Me

I am a certified Coach, Desire Map facilitator, and life-long Seeker.

At my essence I am a writer, story-teller and Colorado/California girl who chooses authenticity over perfection and heart-centered communication over pithy sounds-bites. I am perfectly-imperfect, so you can be too.

I offer Empowerment Coaching so that you can feel more Inspired, Alive, Joyful and Connection in your life.

Coaching Services:

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) $120.00

A package of 4 Coaching Sessions (60 minutes) $450.00

3 month Coaching package 8 Sessions (60 minutes) $850

Workshops & Webinars:

Empty-Nest Workshop – 2 hours in person / Skype $150.00

Empty-Nest Webinar – 1 hour $120.00

Desire Map Weekend – 4 hours $500.00

Keynote Speeches:

Finding the Pause
The benefits of taking a moment during your busy day to stop, pause and connect with yourself.

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